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PeopleSoft HCM Configuration Series: Activity Guide Composer

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Join us as we look unleashing the power of Activity Guides with Activity Guide Composer.  Activity Guide composer is now a part of PeopleSoft enterprise components and is a tool that every PeopleSoft developer, administrator, and functional configuration specialist needs to know about.  Activity guide composer puts the power of activity guides in a simple and intuitive user interface and breaks down the complexity behind activity guides.  This webinar will look at where we have utilized activity guide composer and delivered out of the box capabilities but will also look at how you can utilize the tool to create your own guided process and deploy that guided process to your end users.

Presented by Jeremy Pelley & Andrew Giampetro, Oracle

This session is part of the PeopleSoft HCM Configuration Series. Check out the Events page to see all of the webinars in this series.